Daud Ahmed

An individual who devoted six days a week on the court and in the gym, who often played through temperatures of 100°F and 100% humidity, this was a trained athlete who competed at the national level of tennis tournaments, this was Daud Ahmed.

Pamella Blair

For over 20 years, Pamella had suffered from the effects of a concealed AVRT.  She was unsuccessfully treated with both drugs and manual ablation.  The disease affected her quality of life drastically and rendered her inactive and short of breath.  The effects of the arrhythmia were so severe she was unable to even pick up her granddaughter.
Watch to her story below.

Jeramiah Nord

Jeramiah was an extremely active individual and led a very fulfilling life. He served his community as a firefighter and EMT. Then, starting in Fall 2012, he began feeling dizzy, so much so that his primary physician intended to send him to an Ear Nose Throat specialist for a possible inner ear problem or Meniere’s disease. Before he even had the opportunity to see the ENT doctor, Jeramiah lost consciousness at work and an ambulance was called. He regained consciousness, said he felt fine and was not brought to the hospital. This however, was the start of a series of life threatening events and a condition called premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) that changed Jeramiah’s life.

Bryant Keathley

After suffering for years with issues affecting his heart health, Bryant Keathley was referred to Dr. Aseem Desai of Mission Viejo Hospital with a Stereotaxis remote magnetic navigation system. Since Dr. Desai treated Bryant, he’s had no repeat episodes and his medications have been reduced.

Tim Christian

Dr. Robert Schweikert of Akron General Hospital has treated hundreds of patients using Stereotaxis remote magnetic navigation system. When Tim Christian came to Dr. Schweikert, Tim wasn’t looking for another drug therapy to treat his chronic condition. Tim wanted a more definitive solution. Thanks to Dr. Schweikert and his team, and the Stereotaxis magnetic navigation system, Tim’s ablation procedure was a success. According to Dr. Schweikert, “He was one of those ideal results. And that’s really satisfying. We really love it when we can take somebody and have such a positive impact on them.”

Jose Vazcoy

Jose Vazcoy is a young man with a young family, being far too young to have cardiac issues; but he did. Diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia (VT) since age 7, Jose has suffered with irregular heartbeats for more than 20 years. Being one step away from the heart-transplant list, he met Dr. Mehdi Razavi, a cardiac electrophysiologist with the Texas Heart Institute who treated Jose with Stereotaxis magnetic navigation technology. Now, Jose has a new lease on life, living it fuller and with less worry.