Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation

Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation is the leader in treating cardiac arrhythmias (also known as irregular heartbeats). Used to enhance and extend the physician’s reach, you can trust that your doctor is treating your arrhythmia with the most advanced technology designed with your safety and care in mind.

Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation provides precision and patient safety superior to traditional manual ablations. In a recent study, Stereotaxis technology is shown to be nearly 10 times less likely to injure a patient than manual ablations. [Bauernfeind et al, Europace 2011]

Read stories from real-life patients whose lives have been changed by Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation.

Learn more about Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation and download educational materials from Patient Downloads and Find A Doctor using the Stereotaxis technology.



  • Treat and care for your arrhythmia with robotic precision and safety
  • Reduce the amount of damaging radiation exposure and adverse events to patients, especially for children
  • Reach areas of the heart normally hard to reach by manual methods
  • Navigate the catheter around abnormal and unexpected heart structures
  • Restore hope for patients who’ve exhausted other treatment options
  • Help patients return a normal active life quickly

[1] Bauernfeind et al, Europace 2011