The Stereotaxis remote magnetic navigation system has been designed to enhance patient care in interventional medicine. The system utilizes two permanent magnets mounted on pivoting arms that are enclosed within a stationary housing, with one magnet on either side of the patient table. By magnetically controlling the working tip of the interventional device, the physician maintains the same degree of control regardless of number of turns or distance traveled.  This provides the ability to safely access anatomic areas unreachable by other approaches.

Advantages of the system include more precise control of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, reduction in x-ray exposure to physicians, staff and patients, soft and consistent tissue contact along with efficient and successful procedures due to computer control and digital automations. The Niobe® magnetic navigation  system provides the physician with remote instrument control by simply moving a computer mouse from a room adjacent to the patient but outside the x-ray fluoroscopy field.


The Stereotaxis Niobe® magnetic navigation system.
The Stereotaxis Niobe® magnetic navigation system.

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