Odyssey® Information Management Solution

Electrophysiology (EP) labs are inundated with many different systems which must be accessed separately. This often leads to increased setup time and missed clinical events that can add minutes or hours to procedures.  Hospitals and physicians can often be challenged to find ways to instantly access clinical information, promote clinical consultation, as well as training.  The Odyssey® solution includes an array of technologies that empowers hospitals to drive world-class EP programs.

Odyssey Vision™ System

An EP lab houses various systems, often sourced from multiple vendors.  As a result, clinical data exists in silos, is often lost and inaccessible, and case reviews lack full procedure content. This Odyssey lab solution aggregates and integrates a vast number of clinical lab information into one large screen and a single mouse and keyboard control.  This allows the physicians to focus on a consolidated view of the most relevant information during each step of the procedure and maximize procedure efficiency.

Odyssey Vision


Odyssey Cinema™ System

The Odyssey Cinema system is a groundbreaking information management system which delivers a real-time view of live and recorded clinical procedures anytime, anywhere. Clinical procedures may be recorded in real-time and saved for future viewing. When reviewing an archived procedure, a physician can fast-forward, rewind and add bookmarks to the recording.  The powerful Cinema server simultaneously connects many labs with independent access from many locations at once and utilizes exclusive video compression technology to maintain extremely high visual quality at ultra-bandwidths.