Vdrive® Robotic Navigation System

The Vdrive robotic navigation system with Niobe ES magnetic navigation system provides breakthrough navigation and stability for diagnostic and ablation devices designed with key features to assist in the delivery of better ablations.

Key Features
  • Provides remote, robotic control of diagnostic devices
  • Provides precise movement of devices
  • Maintains stability of devices
Clinical Benefits
  • Reduced need to rescrub for positioning
  • Reduced need for dedicated diagnostic catheter operator
  • Potential for reduced radiation exposure to the physician, staff and patients
  • Patient table controller enables robotic control from the bedside to facilitate diagnostic catheter movements


Components of the Vdrive System

V-Sono™ ICE catheter manipulator
Provides control of Biosense Webster SoundStar™ or Siemens AcuNav™ ICE catheters

single use loop m


V-Loop™ variable loop catheter manipulator
Provides control of Biosense Webster LASSO™ 2515 circular mapping catheters and LASSO™ 2515 NAV catheters

single use loop m


V-CAS™ catheter advancement system
Controls both the magnetic catheter body and a standard fixed-curve sheath

single use loop m