Dr. Michael Kutayli

Bryan Health

…accuracy, safety, reliability and physician comfort.

Not sure if Dr. Michael Kutayli pictured himself commanding The Starship Enterprise when he became an EP, but he says that Stereotaxis technology has made him “feel like Captain Kirk.” It’s exactly what comes to mind when we boldly go where no one has gone before with automation: a single operator at a control panel commanding the multiple operations of an ablation procedure.

Dr. Kutayli was introduced to robotic magnetic navigation in 2008 as a fellow at UH Cleveland Medical Center, where he trained with Dr. Mauricio Arruda, a major RMN proponent and expert user. Today, Dr. Kutayli has performed over 100 ablation cases with RMN at Bryan Health in Lincoln, NE attributing his success with it to the system’s “accuracy, safety, reliability and physician comfort.”

Thanks for exploring this frontier with us, Dr. Kutayli!