Dr. Nitish Badhwar

UCSF Medical Center

[Stereotaxis gives the] ability to reach even the most difficult areas of the heart.

The ability to cure as opposed to medically manage patients is a common response by EPs when asked what they are most grateful about. Dr. Nitish Badhwar at UCSF Medical Center is no exception, and through the Stereotaxis system, he’s been able to cure patients for whom traditional therapies for arrhythmia have failed. Two years into using the Stereotaxis system, Dr. Badhwar turned to it for 40-year-old patient, Jeramiah Nord.

After a seven-month, life-and-death struggle with PVCs that could not be cured with medication, a defibrillator, pacemaker, or two ablation procedures, this once athletic volunteer firefighter spent his days on the couch, fearing his next attack. Trusting the system’s “ability to reach even the most difficult areas of the heart,” Dr. Badhwar performed a robotic ablation procedure on Jeramiah, who described it as his fastest procedure and recovery. Today, Jeremiah is PVC free and back to the activities he once feared were over.

Thanks to Dr. Badhwar for reminding us what it’s all about!