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Hundreds of leading physicians at over 100 hospitals globally have treated over 100,000 patients with our technology. This is why it matters.

“With robotic cardiac ablation, I have a safer approach to patient care, with greater accuracy than the human hand.”

Dr. Aseem Desai

“Remote magnetic navigation allows me to do what’s most important and focus on the EP aspects of the procedure.”

Dr. Karthik Ramaswamy

“With Stereotaxis, we are able to reach anywhere in the heart with more precision and safety.”

Dr. Charlie Young

“I believe the system is more capable than the human hand and will inevitably replace the manual approach to ablation.

Dr. Yingbo Yang

“The [Stereotaxis] system is extremely safeperforations are nearly unheard of – and it allows us excellent accuracy and maneuverability.”

Dr. Joseph Dell‘Orfano

“It’s not only safer and more precise, but allows you to think better.”

Dr. Lynne Hung

“With [Stereotaxis], we are able to address all types of arrhythmias – even those not suitable for conventional ablation – safely and effectively.”

Dr. Burkhard Huegl

“Stereotaxis provides safety, control and more efficient navigation, and complex cases become very easy with magnetic navigation.”

Dr. Javier Banchs

“With Stereotaxis technology, I have the confidence that I’m providing the safest, most advanced therapy for complex arrhythmias.”

Dr. Darren Peress

Patient safety AND operator safety. Minimal risk of perforation. Ability to steer more easily to different locations. The [Stereotaxis] system offers it all.”

Dr. Jay Tiongson


Stereotaxis is committed to advancing robotics in medicine to enable better patient care. Great advancements require great people. Discover how you can make a difference across the organization and the world of electrophysiology.

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