Stereotaxis, Inc. is a company based in St. Louis, MO that is committed to providing innovative solutions for the treatment of arrhythmias and the electrophysiology laboratory. Every day, physicians worldwide use this advanced technology to achieve exceptional clinical outcomes without compromising safety, enabling them to confidently treat areas of the heart otherwise unreachable or potentially unsafe with manual techniques or alternative technologies.

Stereotaxis’ goal is to make complex cardiac interventions simpler, safer, and more effective. It achieves this with computer controlled, magnetic navigation technology that guides catheters and other devices through the cardiovascular system with great precision and safety. Stereotaxis is the pioneer of magnetic navigation for the electrophysiology lab. Since 2004, clinicians have repeatedly demonstrated the value of this remote magnetic navigation technology for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Additionally, the technology has also been used across a broad range of compelling applications in interventional cardiology. The world’s leading specialists in electrophysiology ablation, cardiac resynchronization therapy and interventional cardiology have all endorsed Stereotaxis’ technologies.

Community hospitals, major research institutions and commercial, high-volume healthcare organizations in 30 countries have installed the Stereotaxis’ magnetic navigation system. To date, over 100,000 procedures have been performed worldwide. With a diverse group of clinicians that routinely uses Stereotaxis technology, the company is proud that it is widely recognized for its unrivaled safety profile: 99.9% of procedures performed with the magnetic navigation system have been completed without major complication. Stereotaxis is equally proud that its technologies have limited x-ray exposure for the physician and patient alike, and have allowed physicians to exchange the heavy lead suits required during manual procedures for a comprehensive, user-friendly digital interface through which the procedure can be conducted, from the control room.

Stereotaxis provides comprehensive training to the physicians and other healthcare providers who use its products. This dynamic process often inspires the company to develop new devices, software, and procedure solutions to further enhance the practice of interventional medicine.

The company designs, manufactures and markets its own products, and works closely with Siemens, Philips and other major global medical device manufacturers to integrate their electrophysiology and cath lab imaging technologies with Stereotaxis systems. In addition, the magnetically-enabled ablation and mapping catheters used with the Stereotaxis remote magnetic navigation system are manufactured and marketed by Biosense Webster, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company. The appropriate regulatory agencies in the United States, European Union and other countries have cleared and approved the products making the Stereotaxis technology available throughout the world.

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Major Milestones Through the Years
  • 2003: First generation (Niobe® I) of the Niobe® magnetic navigation system launched
  • 2004: Second generation (Niobe® II) of the Niobe® magnetic navigation system launched
  • 2005: First automation software feature released
  • 2006: 5,000 clinical procedures completed
  • 2007: Odyssey Vision™ system launched
  • 2008: Partnered irrigated cathetered approved by the U.S. FDA
  • 2009: 25,000 clinical procedures completed. Over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications written.
  • 2010: Vdrive® robotic navigation system launched in EU. V-Loop™ variable loop catheter manipulator released in EU.  100 U.S. Patents in product portfolio.
  • 2011: Epoch® solution released.  V-CAS(TM)  and V-CAS Deflect™ catheter advancement systems released in EU. Over 160 Niobe® systems installed globally.
  • 2012: V-Sono™ ICE catheter manipulator released in EU.  50,000 clinical procedures completed.
  • 2013: Niobe® system received regulatory approval in Japan.  Over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications written.
  • 2014: Ablation History (software feature) launched.  Stereotaxis technology used by 900+ physicians worldwide.
  • 2015: Niobe® system installed in 30+ countries globally.  80,000 clinical procedures completed.